Lock iPad if alarm goes off

I’m soon going to put an iPad on the wall in the kitchen, running HA Companion app.
The iPad will always be on and show the lovelace view i create for it, which will be showing the switch for the garage door and the burglar alarm.
If I happen to be unlucky one day, and a burglar get into my home, I would very much like him to not be able to control my home from the iPad. Which way will be the best to make sure that is not possible?
I thought maybe HA can lock the iPad? or I can log off the HA user which is used to sign in to the HA Companion on the iPad.

Btw I use Node-red for all automations.

There is no provision for this that I know of.

You may be able to do something with browser mod to prevent or cover up access.

I’m quite sure that would be possible with Android using tasker or something like it.
But with IOS being what it is, I have serious doubts that an app is allowed to do something like that.

Thanks you @tom_l. I will take a look at browser mod, to see if that can do the trick for me :slight_smile: