Lock MQTT nuki bridge esp32 HELP

Hi, as I am not an expert on mqtt, I managed to correctly configure esp32 with the nuki and they communicate correctly, on Homeassistant I don’t know how to create the configuration, things I have to write on the configuration file, can I ask you for help? with mqtt explorer I pulled out the topics but I don’t know how to insert them

First of all, it is more useful to drop your question here NUKI Hub firmware for the ESP32

And secondly, it is not entirely clear what problem you are up against!
Do you not get the MQTT broker installed in HA? Do you not get the ESP32 paired with the broker in HA, or do you not get the Nuki entitities displayed in HA etc etc.

that question is closed, my problem that I don’t know what to put in the configuration file, not being very expert in mqtt syntax I can’t understand what to write.

Could you maybe send some screenshots? Maybe then it will become a bit clearer.

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this is what mqtt publishes, i can’t configure configuration.yaml file

Hi, really have to do nothing in your configuration.yaml

You only have to fill in the correct info in these screens. It is also wise to create a separate user for your MQTT broker (only with local access)

There are a lot of videos on youtube how to set up a MQTT broker etc.

Thanks in the meantime, the configuration was already like this, I tried to reconfigure the broker and now I see it, but only this entity, is it correct?

Thanks again for giving me the idea to re-configure everything, now I see !!! THANK YOU

Your welcome!