Locked out of Home Assistant

After updating to Version 0.103.0, the lovelace web ui got stuck in “loading” state. No progress from that point on. Samba share is not running, neither SSH Server - I’m locked out of HA!

Can somebody give me an idea, how to gain control again? Any hint welcom! Thanks!

Plug keyboard and monitor into it.

Start troubleshooting. Sounds like it didn’t boot back up properly. Corrupt SDCard?

Interesting Situation on my Home Assistant after Upgrade to 0.103.0! All current browsers can’t load the HA page - the get stuck with “Loading data” after signon:

  • Chrome, Firefox, Edge (all latest Versions) on Win10
  • Chrome, Safari on iOs

Only a browser on my old Android tablet can process the HA page - all is working fine there!

Looks like, something is confusing my browsers big time in HA 0.103.0.

Has anybody similar experiences?