Locked Out Of ShinePhone Account

I have Growatt Solar Panels with battery storage. I have an immersion heater controlled via a SmartLife smart with.

I have just installed the latest version of Home Assistant on a Raspberry and have successfully set up some automations so then when the battery gets to a certain level of charge the immersion heater gets switched on and when it drops the immersion heater gets switched off. I have also get push notifications working so that when these events happen my iPhone lets me know. So I have got quite a way!

The problem is - if I reboot my Raspberry Pi Home Assistant looses contact with the Growatt Server and I get locked out of my ShinePhone account. (The iPhone App that connects to Growatt) although I can still log in via a Web Browser.

The only way yo fix this is to shut down Home Assistant for about 30 minutes then all is well when it is started up again. I assume during the boot process HA is firing too many request to the Growatt Server and it doesn’t like it.

Any suggestions other than not rebooting the Pi??

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I have the same problem, after changing the homeassistant server and having successfully installed and integrated the growatt server with all the sensors ok, after a few hours lose the communication and I got the shine phone account blocked, despite the online access continuing working fine, now I don’t know how to unlock shinephone account to be able to see my production data !
even restarting the home assistant and the server or turning it off for 24 hours, or even the growatt inverter, the account remains blocked.
I found out that was able to unlock the shinephone account just by changing the password through web access on the computer. :blush:

I experience the same problems. Growatt support has indicated the following:

If you log in so many times, the Shinephone environment temporarily lock the user out. The system then responds with the message: the current account is locked. After a while being locked out, this opens up again.

I have requested if this can be changed, highly annoying.

“online access continuing working fine”.

Do you mean the web portal rather than shinephone?

I also have this problem… any fixes?

account manage
change password

and the accont looked in shine phone app will be unloocked

Yes. This works fine, but I haven’t found any way to update the password in HA. Need to delete the Growatt integration and re-install it. Is there a fix for this? Or is it actually possible on the Growatt web portal to change password to the old one you are already using?

The password is stored in /config/.storage/core.config_entries.

That is useful. I’ll try it the next time my account locks up.

Just had a new solar install, installed the Growatt integration in HA, and had the same issue. So is there any way to stop the account being locked?

And if I decide to not use the ShinePhone app (and just use HA and/or Growatt web access), then does this really matter?

I think it happens because of HA’s polling, not because of the ShinePhone app. So not using tha app would probably not prevent the account from locking up.

Same issue with Growatt integration on ha. Any solution?

Still no solution!

Is it possible to alter the rate at which the Growatt Integration polls the server. Not sure how often it polls at the moment but perhaps it could be made to do so every 10 (or 20) minutes??

Did anyone find a solution already?
I notice that it’s always a couple of hours after sunset that the account is locked and after a couple of hours after sunrise it’s being unlocked.
I think that during nighttime, when there is no information to be send, HA still keeps polling and that’s when the account locks up. I think something like an option where you stop the polling at sunset and start the polling at sunrise could work here.