Locked out

Hi everyone,
yesterday i updated core to the newest available.
When i then restarted home assistant, Now i cannot get into my instance using ip address of Home assistant on port 8123 i can not use ssh either i do not have samba shares configured. obviously a reformat is in my future. My question is i do have a snapshot on my sd card in my pi can i use laptop to access chip find the snapshot put it on a usb stick reformat home assistant and put that snapshot back on then just never update again

Holy run-on sentences Batman.

The answer is yes.

Use a Linux pc or the free software Linux Reader.

Search the forum for the snapshot location on the card.

This has been asked many times.

Maybe I am wrong, but HA Core runs on-top of an operating system. How can an upgrade bust your OS’ ssh-service?

Maybe it didn’t and just taking long time to load after update.
Checking HA logs and server logs will show this.

Maybe your database-file is corrupt? Or the database-file has become so large the card is full?
Every time my system is in this state, I delete the database-file and restart the server and then it’s working again.

thank you I will do my research you say this is a problem in home assistant. That is good to hear. I thought it was because i was just too stupid and did something wrong does this happen every time an update to the system is done. Without updates the software is vulnerable so this could be a severe problem. Thank you again for the clue

no its been 24 hours still cant get in

the database could be corrupt i am not sure cant get in to check as far as the card being full i don’t think so i have a 32 gig card, only the os 4 lights two locks and security panel with 6 automatons

i dont know but when i use putty that was working before it says connection refused

thanks Robin

oh. I am sorry about run on sentencing. I am 60 years old, and have had two strokes. my punctuation
needs help,but I am trying. I think that is better than just sitting here staring at the ceiling

Had two strokes Robin. Brain is still not working right. Sorry about run on sentencing

Paul, i’m 40 plus no strokes and can’t get my head around basics… you doing great!