Log book data retention

How do I increase the data retention for Logbook? I sometimes would like to see sensor or thermostat state from 6 months until now, but a lot of data is missing. I read another thread that talked about purge settings for recorder configuration, but it was not recommended to keep more than 30 days there. I saw mention of influxdb for long term data storage but I don’t know if I want to get into Grafana and stuff; that’s overly complicated.

I enjoy the logbook interface I just want more data storage there without compromising performance of my HASS instance. Can anyone recommend a solution?

Do you mean History stats?

Long term statistics are stored automatically for sensors with the state class measurement, total or total_increasing. If your HA version is up-to-date the history dashboard should automatically combine state history with long-term statistics. You don’t have to change the recorder settings.