Log esphome via command line interface


I’m trying to log the output of an esphome device.
When I do this via homeassistant in the internet browser over long time, the browser gets halted.
I have to restart the browser to go on with logging.

So I’m trying to get the same output in the windows command line interface or via putty.
I found aioesphome, but with the code listed in github I only get the state of the sensors, not the full output as in the browser terminal.

How can I get verbose output of my esp-device to see what’s happening?

Enter the esphome addon and run esphome from the commanline.

How can I do that, when I’m using Hassio?
There is no command like esphome when I connect via ssh with putty. I only found the addon in the browser, but that doesn’t work very well because the browser gets halted.

docker exec -it addonname bash
esphome log config/esphome/name.yaml

You can find the addonname with

docker ps|grep esp

esphome logs config/esphome/name.yaml

Thank you, that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Thank you this has helped me.

and now for the dumb question, after quitting the logs, how do I get bach to HA in terminal.

ctrl-d is the standard way to log out. Or exit

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Thank you and so quick with the reply, exit done it. Cheers