LOG Flood by Uptime Sensor


In some devices i have an uptime sensor. But this is flooding the log, because default log is DEBUG.

I found this code on help docs of Esphome:

  level: VERBOSE
    mqtt.component: DEBUG
    mqtt.client: ERROR

But, i have other sensors on the board, and channot change debug level of “sensor” component.

There´s a way to change ONLY for one sensor ?

Why are you using verbose? If this is a test setup, you can probably do without uptime while testing can’t you?

I am also seeing my logs flooded with uptime sensor “changes”. My logs are just at the default level (debug, not verbose):


This is annoying, because the uptime sensor is generally helpful, but when it changes constantly, the history ends up looking like this:

even though the values are not really changing:

What’s going on here?

EDIT: It turns out this is caused by the UniFi Network integration, not ESPHome. Both integrations for this device are somehow merged on my setup, only showing as one device, and making it difficult to tell which entity is coming from which integration.

EDIT 2: Here is what appears to be the related issue in the UniFi integration