Log flooded with "homeserver hass[3816]: decrypt_verify(): found 289 bytes cleartext" errors

Hi there,

I put this in this category because I haven’t seen a troubleshooting one.
I get the error message

homeserver hass[3816]: decrypt_verify(): found 289 bytes cleartext

once a second all the time.
My system works, but I get severeal stability errors with home-assistant (z-Wave and Tradfri related).

And ofcourse my logfiles are flooded …

Can anyone help and explain what this problem is?

Kind regards


Having the same problem after updating to 0.99 from 0.97

Any ideas on how I can disable this?

EDIT: more info: I am running hass on Raspbian, using the global python 3, no virtualenv.

Same goes for my HA installation.
syslog get flooded with this “decrypt_verify()” entries…
Does no one have any idea what is causing this?

I’m running Home Assistant 0.99.3

Im expieriencing this messages still, there is not only no solution in two years but not even a single singn of activity? Ist this project dead?

You will have to go into the coap library source code itself and remove the message. There is no specific flag to turn it on or off. It was a mistake for them to throw in unsolicited, gratuitous messages in the first place. Also, this project (coap) is VERY FAR from being “Dead”.