Log Gmail package delivery notifications in HA

I have seen plenty of posts about using Home Assistant to send messages through Gmail, but I would like to use Home Assistant to track package deliveries by reading messages from Gmail. Is this possible? My apartment building sends an email notification when a package is delivered, so it’s easy enough to filter on the sender+subject to identify package deliveries. However, I have not found a way for HA to identify those emails and provide a notification through my dashboard. Any suggestions? Thanks

IMAP Sensor

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GitHub - ljmerza/ha-email-sensor: Email Sensor for collecting tracking numbers from over 30 providers. is good, as it puts the tracking numbers in a card. I use it and the Mail and Packages custom component posted above too.

Thanks for sharing; I’ll take a look at that. I was approaching it using the delivery emails that my building concierge sends when a package is received and logged, as that’s when they’re recorded and ready for pick up. In that case, the tracking numbers and such are less interesting to me, but this is another approach that I’ll look into.