Logbook Being Flooded With Device Tracker Updates

I have version 1.8.0-144 of the official Android App, and am running Home Assistant v. 0.106.2, and I happened to check the logbook and noticed that my location is being updated very frequently, sometimes twice a minute, without physically moving. I don’t see this same behavior coming from my wife’s IOS version of the app. I can only assume this flood of data will rapidly bloat my database. Is anyone else experiencing this? Am I missing a setting somewhere, or, is something wrong?

Edit: I can also correlate that the app is using a lot of background data, 269MB between Feb 23 & Mar. 2nd.


Yeah there was another report of this today. Looks like a bug.

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This is what I am experiencing as well; same issue. As indicated above, it seems there is a bug that hopefully will be fixed soon. In the meantime, if you don’t want it in your log, you can remove it using the instructions found on the recorder page: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/recorder/

I am having the same issue.

Two Androids with lastest HA release and mobile app are spamming our Installation like crazy. Definitely a bug. We really need the ability to set a background time to use. I don’t care for the randomness that it uses on the background updates.

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Try 0.106.5 and see if it makes things better: https://www.home-assistant.io/blog/2020/02/26/release-106/#release-01065---march-3

I would but the 0.106 update breaks my entire front end due to unsupported custom cards.

and none of those custom cards were updated properly? you may want to consider moving to a custom card that gets updated frequently to avoid this from happening.

Yep all abandoned or depreciated (tiles-card and toggle-lock-entity-row). I do plan on updating but the replacements are a lot more complicated (button-card and restriction-card) and I have used the old cards extensively. It’s going to take a long time, something I am very short of at the moment. I’m also 3000km from home. So there’s that complication too.

It’s still happening folks. I’ve just changed from Zanzito and Owntracks to the ‘new’ HA app and mobile_app.

did you update HA to 0.106.5 or higher?

no :wink:

I’ll get on with that now!