Logbook entry for events triggerd by NodeRed

Currently when an event is triggered by Node Red which I have installed as an Add On shows up with the logbook as something like this:

Samsung S7 Kitchen Screensaver turned on triggered by service Switch: Turn on
8:11:14 PM - 1 minute ago - Test

For the life of me I cannot work out where it is getting Test from at the end of the time stamp, I’m guessing I used that as a name somewhere when I first configured it but cannot find where. I would like to change it to a more meaninful name :slight_smile:

Any ideas how I edit it?


Test should be the user that is logged in.

I think Test is the user account Node Red is using, but I don’t see any settings for user account within Node Red.

That being said I don’t have any users called Test?

It would be a home assistant user. Settings → people → user tab.

100% agree that is where is should be, but I have no user called Test.

Any suggestions where within Node Red this would be configured, eg: user account it should use to communicate with HA?

Nodered uses a long lived access token to interact with HA, not a user and password. There is a user and password in the config tab of the addon but it’s for http access to NR endpoints.

Here appears as Supervisor:

Varanda Entrada turned on triggered by service Light: Toggle
14:12:54 - 2 minutes ago - Supervisor

Did you happen to rename the integration?

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Sorry for my delayed response and thank you for your help. I worked out what it was and I did something silly!

I did have a user called Test which I somehow missed. It turns out the long term access token that Node Red was using was generated under the Test username. I create a new user called , Node Red and from within it generated a new long term token. Within Node Red switched the token to that one and fixed. All events are now being triggered by the Node Red user so easier to understand!.

Thank again.