Logbook noise

Hi all,

Am still enjoying HA, still tinkering… Does it ever end!

Anyone help me sort these dupes and noise in the logbook, I’d really just like a single entry on movement. The sensor on this is a raspberry pi with a pir attached and a python script sending mqtt message to the ha pi.

Any tips appreciated, I don’t know why there are dupes.

I don’t think there is a way, but would be interested if there was. You get an entry for each change in elements you have defined. For example, the circle with three dots is a change to your “Movement” group… I think that’s what that icon represents at least. This can be very useful for many applications, but I do see how confusing and unnecessary it can seem.

OK, gotcha, thanks that’s fine. I don’t know why I’m getting duplicates though.

Possible PIR not holding state long enough. Best if PIR stay High or Low minimum 2 seconds after sense to prevent back to back. Some unit has this as selectable built in function (dip switch or similar). You may also accomplish this by software. Maybe watch output during movement to check for this.
Also possible error is coming from script.

I had a similar error I believe.
I changed debounce for GPIO Binary Sensor in One case.
In another case I used different GPIO. I found 1 GPIO pin was not stable.

Thanks for this. That’s useful. Yes I have two dials on the PIR will try and change timer… Script could be the problem also, will try hardware first.