Logbook not showing entities

I have minimized what I am recording. However, only a single switch is shown in the logbook. I have a default logbook config:


What can I do to show all recorded entities’ state changes in the logbook?
Are some of them excluded by default?

that’s odd. It should show everything with what you have, not just a single switch.

I am mostly only tracking sensors. I am wondering if the sensor domain is excluded by default? There is just 1 switch explicity included in the recorder (because I need to count the number of times switched).

Hmm, well I can tell you that my log book is only showing select sensors. I did not configure it that way. Maybe it is by design.

Actually, according to the doc’s logbook is locked to recorder. I would assume it would be locked to history as well. That means those may drive what logbook prints out.

The switch (actually 2, a light and a switch) mentioned is explicitly included to recorder and excluded from history:


That switch actually is the only thing included in Logbook automatically.

Apart from that I send some messages through automations, but that’s basically it.

Well the doc’s for logbook don’t mention history, only recorder. So that makes sense.

I just now noticed that I have history: and logbook: configured in both configuration.yaml and the recorder package. I will fix this tonight and see if that makes a difference.


I have removed all customization of recorder, history and logbook. Everything is showing as expected. I noticed that frequently updated sensors (like CPU usage) are excluded from the logbook (but are visible in history).

I will try to re-add inclusions and exclusions to see when things don’t work as expected again.

This is my config and it works like i would expect:

# Enables support for tracking state changes over time
      - binary_sensor.hallway_ms_sensor
      - sensor.main_door_hindge
      - sensor.entry_door_hindge
      - sensor.speedtest_download
      - sensor.speedtest_upload
      - sensor.speedtest_ping
      - sensor.cpu_load_total
      - sensor.disk_free
      - sensor.processor_use
      - sensor.average_disk_temp_volume_1
      - sensor.hallway_ms_temperature
      - light
      - switch
      - fan
      - switch.inside
      - switch.outside
      - switch.upstairs
      - switch.downstairs
      - switch.dining_room
      - switch.kitchen
      - switch.master
      - switch.basement
  db_url: !secret recorder_url
# View all events in a logbook

Logbook still doesn’t show the sensors that update all the time. Pretty much only shows binary_sensor.hallway_ms_sensor, sensor.main_door_hindge, sensor.entry_door_hindge, and sensor.hallway_ms_temperature in the logbook (sensor wise).

It looks like you don’t include/exclude in recorder? That’s what I do to limit the dB size.

Yeah, I don’t care about the recorder size because by default recorder only keeps 10 days