Logbook shows automations being turned off

I noticed these entries in the HA logbook 0.101.2:

The Automation page continues to show these as On. Is this an known issue?

Seeing the same in 0.103.5. Overview shows they’re still on.

I believe this happens when Automations get reloaded, which happens when:

  • You save an automation edit in configuration UI
  • You reload automations via server controls

It would be good if HA can disable logbook entry for automations when automations are reloading, so logbook isn’t filled with such entries.


I found this topic in my search for an ‘exclude’ to achieve more or less what you describe here.

I personally could also live with a solution in which I can exclude all ‘automations turned on/off’ and equal ‘script’ messages in the log, without excluding the triggered and started messages.

If one knows if it is possible and how, I’d love to know :slight_smile:


I don’t suppose an answer was found?

Guess not.

Would also love to have a way to filter these irrelevant messages from the logbook.
For me the logbook should tell me what happened, when and why. Now it is useless for me.
(for the way I expected to use the logbook)


Seeing the same and agree, having dozens of ‘useless’ automation turned on/off messages flood the logbook seems counter to the logbooks purpose.

Anyone found a way to exclude only these automations on/off messages from the logbook w/out excluding the ‘useful’ (ie. triggered, light turned on by xxx automation, etc.) automation logbook entries?

After simply adding a delay to ONE of my automations, the logbook is now flooded with a list of EVERY automation and it’s current on/off state.

Here’s just a snip of some of them (mind you, there are dozens) actually showing:

EDIT: To add insult to injury, scrolling further downs shows as well when they became unavailable b/c of the reload of EVERY automation…

Creating hundreds of, IMO, ‘useless’ entries.

Yeah, I wish something could be done with these, my dashboard has the logbook card and this makes it fairly useless whenever I edit anything…