Logger and Sensors

Is there any rhyme or reason why some sensors make it into the logger but others don’t? For example, my Plex sensor doesn’t get logged but weather underground does. The nest thermostat state gets logged but the temperature changes doesn’t. Foobot sensor changes also don’t get logged. It seems like there is some logic behind the scenes to limit sensors from being logged but there are some which aren’t that I’d like to have logged.

I looked at logger: in configuration.yaml and I haven’t defined any includes or excludes as of yet… figured I’d seek out some wisdom first.

logger: is for logging info, warnings, errors, etc in the log. I think what you’re really looking for is the recorder: and logbook: section. recorder logs to a database (not a log file) any sensor state change based on your includes/excludes for that section and logbook will display those sensor state changes on the frontend again based on the includes/excludes you setup. the history: component works similarly to logbook: .

Sorry, I meant logbook, not the actual logs. Some sensors show up in the logbook. Some don’t and I can’t figure out why.

do you have any includes/excludes in either your recorder component or the logbook component?

I dont, its as follows:

Enables support for tracking state changes over time.


View all events in a logbook


what about the recorder component?

I dont have recorder: in the config.

I added a recorder config, no specific settings… no change. Still see selective sensor logs in the log book.