Logger - logging only specific items

I have logger enabled in my configuration.yaml

  default: debug
    custom_components.bhyve: debug
    pybhyve: debug

In my home-assistant.log it has thousands of entries that have nothing to do with what I want. How do I get logs only from the items above ?

Change default to critical or error

I changed default to critical and error. I’m still getting a bunch of useless info as well as what I need. It’s a lot of text to sort through. Is there a way to get debug info only for these ?

You have to restart after changing these. Also, python logging is value based. Each severity has a value associated with it, when you set a logging level, everything above that severity is output.

Debug is the lowest. That means all other severity’s are output as well.

Yes, I restarted after every change. Understood on the rest of the info. Many thanks…