Logging Ener-j Smart plug with energy monitoring functionality

I have some Ener-j SmartPlugs (SKU - SHA5325) with power meter functionality built in. I’ve currently got them hooked to a SmartLife app which gives instantaneous meter readings (mA, W, V, kWh) and log a daily average in kWh to the Smart Life app Unfortunately, it doesn’t don’t log anything other daily kWh usage and that’s not really enough for my needs.

Is this something Home Assistant can enhance in anyway? I’d love a lot more ways to log the readings. Being able to simply log W or A every 5 mins is the bare minimum but if it can produce graphs, give me hourly averages over time or other stuff then even better.

My needs are very much more for monitoring devices than automating them but I have a spare Rasperry Pi4 lying around so thought that if Home Assistant had some decent logging functionality, I would dip my toes into the deep dark waters of Home Assistant.

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about energy meters that monitor the whole house’s usage but just a smart plug that can monitor individual devices.