Logging ESP32 WROOM

I have two ESP32 WROOM devices that i need detailed logging for especially in the event they drop off the wireless network apart from setting logger: VERY_VERBOSE anyone got any tips?

If you need to know when it has disconnected from the wireless network, you can setup a status binary sensor which you could then create an alert for in HA. Also, sensors can be setup for wifi signal strength as well as uptime for added diagnostics.

  - platform: status
    name: ESP32 Status

  - platform: wifi_signal # Reports the WiFi signal strength/RSSI in dB
    name: "WiFi Signal dB"
    id: wifi_signal_db
    update_interval: 60s
    entity_category: "diagnostic"
  - platform: uptime
    name: Uptime Sensor
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Cheers for that… Definitely worth adding to my config. although, from what I can tell, one of the devices is getting dropped from a wireless network… when it is reconnecting, Iim seeing a couple of failed attempts, generic authentication error messages, before it connects successfully stays connected for some period before dropping off again. I’m running the access point in verbose mode as well.

One thing worth checking is the number of devices connecting to the router/access point. I was having random devices disconnect and reconnect to my wifi network and when I checked my wireless router, there were 49 active connections. Doing some reading around, it seems many consumer wifi routers recommend a max of 32 active connections, so I setup a separate access point and moved a bunch of smart home devices (light bulbs and switches) over to the new access point and the random disconnections stopped.

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there’s only three devices on this access point, I’m in a rural area.

Interestingly, the devices have been sitting on my bench running overnight without incident connected to my home Wi-Fi. This makes me think it might be an issue with the external access point. However, one of the devices has been running for 12 months with no disconnections. It’s exactly the same model ESP32 card.