Logging in remote from work

I think the work proxy may be stopping me from logging in to home. I have SSL set up and have no troubles accessing from remote locations and devices. The strange thing is I can get to the login screen and put in my login and password but then I get “Unable to connect to Home Assistant.” “Retry”.

This makes em think it might be a home router problem.

If its only ever a problem from work then I would suggest speaking to your works networks department.

My work has a pretty locked down network and could never access my instance using duckdns and SSL but now i’m on HA Cloud via Nabu Casa there isn’t any issue at all.

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There are 2 main reasons why this won’t work

Domain and/or ip blocking. This probably can’t be resolved unless you have a friend in IT

Port blocking. If you use port 8123 then this is most likely blocked. I circumvent this by using port 443 to access HA. This port will never be blocked unless internet access is prohibited at all.

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