Logging out on refresh

Hi Folks,

I stumbled upon an issue, which I am not sure is intended behavior!
When logging in (with SSL enabled) and not selecting ‘Keep me logged in’, the users will be automatically logged out when application is refreshed.

Typically you’d expect that the ‘Keep me logged in’ just enables for longer session duration (>24 hours) and not selecting it would give you a short session (somewhere between 5 minutes and 24 hours depending on the desired security level).

However, from what I have experienced, no access tokens will be stored in the local / session storage or in a cookie if you don’t select the option. So it would make sense that you’re getting logged out when the application is refreshed.

Is this by design / intentional? I don’t honestly know any other app / service which has implemented it like this.

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I have the same issue and am of the same opinion as @mabit. I have not come across a web app that logs out every single time the browser’s refreshed. It took me a few tries to figure out that I had to select “Keep me logged in” in the login screen.