Logi Circle View Doorbell Camera -- Can Home Assistant trigger automations when someone presses the button?

I’m interesting in replacing my eufy doorbell with the new Logi Circle View doorbell camera. It’s homekit integration looks great but I want to be able to automate a chime through my Alexa’s when someone presses the doorbell button.

Is this possible?

Lol thats what automating is all about neh.

As long as it reports back to HA (button pressed or boolean from 0 to 1, or anything) then yes, you can create a trigger that starts working when your defined trigger condition is met

Lol. Im asking specifically about the logi circle camera through HomeKit. I have no idea it passes through the necessary information. I’m not asking about how automation works.

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Do we have any update on this question? I’m looking to buy a smart doorbell as well, but it’s not so easy as it seems. And we all want the same, integration and connection with our HA interface.
This Logi Circle View has a lot of features and the simplicity of the design is looking nice.

The major questions is here, which triggers can be used in case of using the HA Homekit Controller integration (HomeKit Controller - Home Assistant) in order to link with automations. For example, if the doorbell button is pressed, can that be an input via the HA Homekit Controller towards the automation integration?

I didn’t uncover any new info on this. I’m still using a eufy doorbell which does the job but I don’t love it since there’s no home automation integrarjon

I just replaced my Ring doorbell with Circle View. I was thinking of creating an input boolean in home-assistant called front-doorbell and exposing it to HomeKit. In Eve app (Apple Home app it looked like you could only trigger on motion, not doorbell button press) you can create an automation that will flip the input boolean virtual switch to trigger an automation in HomeAssistant. Was hoping there would be something a bit more elegant, but have had to do this in other parts of Homekit/HomeAssistant world.