Login after 2023.12 release

I am fairly new to Home Assistant, playing with it for a year or so when I have time. I am more like a power user of computers and not an IT guy.
After last release the login has changed, and I understand why was changed and how it works, but when I close the browser on my computer and access the link again there is no credentials requested.
This is not optimal form me as we are 4 users in the house, me and my wife are admins, the kids are not. So if I do not logout, my daughter can access my account and accidentally she may break something. Kids account is restricted to certain things. From mobile devices login is OK as it is expected that each is using own device with own account opened.
Is my understanding correct? Did I miss something? I would expect if I close the browser and access Home Assistant again, system should request to login. I am using Home Assistant in a Proxmox VM.

Just don’t click the ‘keep me logged in’ box when you log in.

Thanks for the reapply! Help is much appreciated :slight_smile:
Maybe this is good point for improvement of the documentation and system. That option is not appearing as default on the login page
You need to enter to the Other Login Options. So by default users tend to click on the picture icon and log in. The checkmark should be on the 1st or 2nd view when you log in.