Login attempt failed "deltahost-ptr"

Hi. I am getting this notification continuously in Home Assistant. I am unsure when it started but if I dismiss it then it just comes back. I have no idea what that IP could even be, it isn’t mine…can anybody help me out with this? Thanks!


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The same for me…


Same, identical domain/ip on my instance too. I do use SSL’d DuckDNS, for which I wrote a note a year ago to renew SSL, which I don’t know if I even have to or if it’s related haha

Hello, the same for me…

I don’t think it’s related. I do not use DuckDNS. I tell ya…everything has a subscription these days…renewals sneak up on me all the time! LOL!

So…this notification went away for me some time over the weekend. Still no idea what it was…weird that it was so persistent and then just went away. Was this something within Home Assistant?