Login attempt failed when try to push HTM5 notification with image

When I try to push an image to an HTML5 notification with the following code

    alias: HTML5 notification test
    - service: notify.html5
        title: "Allarme schiumatoio!"
        message: "{{ as_timestamp(now()) | timestamp_custom('%H:%M', true) }}: schiumatoio spento da troppo tempo.\r\nVuoi riattivarlo?."
          image: "https://www.*****.******/api/camera_proxy/camera.casa?token=***mytoken***"
          - action: skimmer_restart
            title: 'Si'
          - action: dismiss
            title: 'No'   

I get an error

Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from ***myIP***

If I try to put the link on the image field on my browser it works and I can see my image.
Where I’m wrong?

Are you using legacy api login?

When you try from browser maybe local ip whitelisted and not trying login.

I’m using homeassistant as auth provider with no whitelist.

With a long life token should I have a granted access, It is not so? Why I’m banned?