Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from

I’m not able to use “Ok Google” (or Google Home app) to control my devices. Everytime I get login attempt error. I never had this error before (I’m not sure the exact moment it breaks to work).
I’m on 0.97.2 for Raspberry Pi3.

My configuration.yaml:

    - type: homeassistant
    - type: trusted_networks
      allow_bypass_login: true
        - ::1
        - fd00::/8

I’m not familiar with the Google integration but had the same issue with Alexa. I had to provide a long lived acces token, maybe it is similar for Google.

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The story is: I’ve not have problems using Google Home integration till some days ago, when my Hassio installation has had kind of misconfigurations. So I changed the microsd, restored the last snapshot, made some adjustments… all up and running… except Google Home.
Now, to try, I’ve put back the old microsd… some updates, some reboots… Google Home works!!!

No long live access token was present in the old (and working) microsd.

So, I suppose, some misconfiguration in the new one microsd. But I don’t have idea what the problem could be.

Ok, now I reverted back the new microsd… the not working one… and now Google Home works!!!

Update: It has been working only for some minutes… Now same error

Update2: I’ve copied the old /config/.storage/auth file to the new microsd… Now Google Assistants works fine (fingers crossing).

Now I would know why.
The two files are quite similar, obviously all ids are different. But in the old file there was this token:

“access_token_expiration”: 1800.0,
“client_icon”: null,
“client_id”: “https://oauth-redirect.googleusercontent.com/”,
“client_name”: null,
“created_at”: “2019-03-28T20:50:49.083371+00:00”,
“id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“jwt_key”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“last_used_at”: “2019-08-23T13:37:53.261378+00:00”,
“last_used_ip”: “”,
“token”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“token_type”: “normal”,
“user_id”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

that is not present in the new hassio installation.
Maybe is this the fault? If so, what could I have done if I hadn’t had the old file?

I don’t have old file. Anyone with some information on how to deal with this “Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from” issue?

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Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from anyone know how to end this? mine shows up 21,000 times in one day. I don’t use google so that’s not the problem. The address is not in my local address

I think I may have found out what was causing my issue AppDaemon, I shut it down and so far fingers cross not invalid request.