Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from own (outside) IP


I’ve got this problem now for several weeks, but I can’t figure out what is wrong.

I’ve got the message “Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from xx.xx”. But the xx.xx is the IP from my internet provider, not intern ip 192.168.etc.etc. (So my router has this xx.xx ip)

Can’t find anything strange is the logs (Hass.io --> System --> System log)

Rebooting the system and accessing from the internet does not reproduce the error. It just appeares suddenly.

The only one accessing my HA is me from xxx.duckdns.org with https.

Running the latest Hassio version.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction cause this is driving me crazy!

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Is this on an iPhone per chance? My other half’s iPhone has her username and password saved, but every now and then (starting a few weeks ago, as you say) she’ll open the homeassistant Web app and - ping - ip-banned for a failed login attempt. Doesn’t even ask her for the password, just fails (and must make the request at least 3 times in succession to activate the ban). Driving me bonkers.

No, I can get in my HA from outside (SSL/Duckdns) and it works. Just did it and the message came again. So I can enter HA, but I also got this message.

(And nothing to see in the System Log)

Apparently someone else is trying to access it too.

Sorry for the late reply, very busy at work. That was what I was thinking also, but if I get the message it is at the moment I’ve logged in. (You can see the time of the Notification)

So only conclusion I can make is that somehow I’m triggering this!

Did you find out why this was happening? I’ve been getting these for at least the last year. I just gave up on trying to find the source

Here, with some thoughts that @flamingm0e and I also had in another thread, we came to the conclusion it was to do with pages that had cameras on.

So, my other half is under strict instructions to NOT leave the app on the CCTV page when she exits it (which she was reg doing before). Thusly when she opens the app again it is not on the CCTV page, and since she’s been doing that we haven’t had any further issues.

Ymmv, but it’s certainly been working here.

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Hmmm this could be actually since have about 7 cameras. I’ll see if I can recreate this with my camera tabs. If that’s the case I wonder why is that and if it’s fixable or not?

It doesn’t affect anything but it’s definitely an annoyance. On the plus side, I don’t get internal ips blocked which used to happen sometimes back in the ~0.7-0.8 era or something.

Can’t recall I have them last few weeks. Just tried the “camera” test, but also no notifications.
Hope you can figure it out!

I was able to narrow it down to a card for an ESPHOME camera I have that it’s not plugged in so the card is trying to get a picture but there’s nowhere to get the picture from. All other cards with camera feeds seem to be ok now