Login Credentials for VMWare HAOS

I’m trying to get to the root directory structure of my HA system which is running on a NUC box (Windows 11) and VMWare Workstaion Pro.

I can get to the VMs directory structure on it’s ‘C’ drive, but when I go to the IP address of the HA virtual machine, it asks me for windows credentials and I have no idea what to put here.

When I was running this on a RPi4, I just went in via the IP address and it took me straight to the root.


You can still SSH to the IP address and get to the root. You can also set up Samba Share on HA to attach to it from Explorer. How are you trying to get to the HA system, via an Explorer window or are you SSH’ing to it?

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Yep, by Windows Explorer, just entering “\\192.168.???.???” which is the IP address of the HA system.

Cracked it!

Apologies, I am not a Unix scholar and completely forgot that I had set up a Samba share in HA and the reason it worked on the RPi4 was that having input the Samba credentials once, I never had to do it again. So with the new implementation on my NUC, obviously, I had a new IP address and just forgot about the Samba share credentials.

Thanks for the steer - I thought I was losing it for a moment there :slight_smile:

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