Login failed notification when switching to HA tab in Chrome


I am experiencing a weird problem. I am using my Home Assistant without a problem, everything works alright, but.

When I open my Chrome and open the Home Assistant tab, everything works alright, but when I switch to other tab, and after some time when I switch back to the Home Assistant tab, I get a notification that there was Login attempt failed from my PC. It always shows that it happened couple of seconds earlier which means that it is caused by the tab switching.


What should I do?

Clear your web browser history (everything), close the web browser, open it again and log in to home assistant again.

Also just FYI there is no need to sanitise local addresses like 192.168.x.x as they are not routable on the Internet.

I get the same thing very often. Not sure if it’s from changing tabs or what the exact trigger is tho. And it’s from multiple devices too. Not just one.

It never causes any issues that I can tell but it does get annoying needing to dismiss the notification constantly.

I’ve never figured out why it happens and since everything keeps working I just tend to ignore it.

I already tried that because I found that in some troubleshooting. I have the same problem on my android phone, too.

This happened when I focused back the home assistant app on my phone

Also I know you don’t need to censor the local IPs, but why not do it, right?