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I’m running HA HassWP_2021.11.5 (from a folder so no Virtual Machine) on my windows laptop without any problems with address

The HA app on my Huawei P30 asks for a reference to an http address, with the suggested default addresses from HA, I am unable to login.
Even when I use the ip address of my Huawei I can’t log in.

Only when the HA is active on the latop with , and I enter the address of the laptop network card on the android ( I can log in.

When the laptop is turned off, the HA Huawei app stops working and ask again for a login/ip address.

How can that be solved.

Best regards

Hi Paul,

Sounds like it working as designed. The Windows laptop running HA, acts as the server. Your mobile app on the Huawei acts as the client. The client won’t work if you shutdown the server.

In this case your laptop should be turned on all the time to make it work. You can look at something like a raspberry pi as an alternative. Its a good starting point with affordable power usage.

Hi Pyvarex,

Thank you for your response.

As you can probably see, my network knowledge is limited. I don’t understand why HA can run independently on the laptop, and the HA App needs the laptop as a server. The Ha app on my mobile only needs to run locally. Isn’t that possible without a rasberry.

The mobile app is a companion app, and cannot act as the server. The app needs the server. Running the HA software and running an mobile (companion) app isnt the same.

It doesnt need to be a raspberry. But it must be something that is always on. And mostly people use something like a Raspberry, a NUC, or such because of it’s affordable power usage. Even an old desktop or laptop can be fine. Just make sure its always on.

Great! I have a laptop that I can use.
In terms of power consumption, it would be nice to use a spare mobile as a server, but that probably won’t work, they won’t have put the rasberry on the market for no reason :-))) I am very grateful for all your help and explanations.

Allthough almost any Android device can theoretically run a Linux OS anything is possible. But as it seems you are trying to compare a mobile app to running software on a computer, don’t go anywhere near these kind of solutions :slight_smile: . Even so, a mobile phone designed for Android, IOS, etc just isn’t the right hardware for this kind of things.

lolll true, i compare an app with running software on an computer. from you i learn that i have to think into opensource. Allright mobile no option i will use my old laptop. thanks again