Logitech circle view

So I have a spare Logitech circle view camera from back in my HomeKit only days, and I was wondering a few things.

I have it paired with HomeKit and HKSV so am I correct in thinking if I remove it from HomeKit it will appear in HA in the HomeKit controller integration?

Im aware that even if I pass this back to HomeKit using the HomeKit integration I will lose HKSV.

Just wondering if it works with any other recoding integrations like Frigate?

Also there’s a scrypted add on I have added but not installed yet, would the camera work with that?

Just bearing in mind, the circle view connects straight to the HomeKit app with no 3rd party apps or login credentials.

Has anyone actually managed to get these recording with any platform other than HKSV? I mean it seems quite simple to add it to HA but can you actually do anything with it once its in HA, because you lose HKSV?

Well as far as I’m aware.

Thanks everyone!

Hi there, just to let you know, I gave this a try and couldn’t get it to do anything other than showing stills in home assistant. it paired just fine, but it wasn’t super useful. it was nice accessing the motion detection and light sensor, but otherwise really not worth it. I was hoping i’d be able to proxy it back to homekit somehow, but I couldn’t even get livestream video to show up in home assistant, just stills. let alone two way audio.

I gave WebRTC, go2rtc, and Scrypted a try, but couldn’t make progress. I’d appreciate if someone with more expertise could shed some light.

Thanks for this! I just ended up not bothering in the end