Logitech Harmony removes local API


Annoyingly it can depending on the router. My old Virgin Super Hub 3 didn’t like making decides on the WiFi visible to the LAN. Since putting it in modem mode and using a real router discovery works much better


I think mdns service helps. I have Avahi installed on pfSense to provide this.


Plus Logitech has warned us that only xmpp will be officially supported.

Where did you see that? They rolled this back for now, but I haven’t seen them announce their intentions to officially support anything there, or even say that they aren’t going to deprecate this again in the future… I figured this was more of a stop gap…


So running Hassio 84.6, I have not updated my harmony remotes yet. Everything seems to work okay in Hassio, but I am getting this error message every 5 seconds. It is flooding my logs…

Updating harmony remote took longer than the scheduled update interval 0:00:05

Do I need to update the remotes to the beta software to get rid of it? Or should I just ride it out for Logitech’s firmware update? Is Hassio changing anything on their harmony component? Basically, if I leave everything alone will the next batch of updates take care of everything, or do I need to start messing with updates and config files?


doesnt mather if you update the firmware on your harmony, as of release 82.4 and up, hass uses the websocket function
in 85.x they promised it will be better
so rollback to older 82.x release (or custom component), or just wait for 85.x


I had HAAS 0.84.5 which I manually pushed some time ago and Harmony was working… Upgraded today to 0.84.6 via Web GUI and Harmony is broken again. Anyone has the same issue? What changed again?


same since today, as I made a stupid decision to upgrade to latest release. 0.84.5 was working like a charm.


I would wait until tomorrow - the Harmony stuff is in flux and I believe tomorrow’s updates will address this.

Here’s the issue. Harmony made an update that broke integration if you have 0.85.4 (maybe x.5 as well?) or earlier. IF your harmony device(s) received this update (seems that they occasionally check in or when you update your config they will check for new firmware), then you have two options:

  1. Update Home Assistant to 0.84.6 or later
  2. Update your harmony to the “developer” software via a USB cable and their desktop app AND keep HA at a lower version <= 0.84.4

Doing (1) should not have broken anything, BUT, the fix put in to (1) was very hastily done as an ‘emergency’ fix to get people back up with some minimal functionality until a real, more permanent, fix could be put in place (hopefully in 0.85 due out tomorrow - 1/9). Also if you updated

The issue is that Home Assistant was using an API that was “unofficial” and Harmony closed it. The “fix” was to update to using the websocket API, which is still unofficial, but it’s the same API that Harmony’s phone apps use to talk to the devices, so it’s far less likely to go away in the future.

But as I said, I’d at LEAST sit tight until the 0.85 update and see if it gets fixed there. FWIW, my harmony hub is working with 0.84.6, with the main issue that it takes a minute or two until the status in HA updates to reflect the state of the Harmony and it produces a lot of errors in the logs while this is happening.


So I have seen several posts asking for alternatives and I’ve been wondering the same thing for a while as well; Is there a decent alternative for the harmony? This latest little slip by them has me shopping around again, but it looks to me like Logitech is the only one covering this market and I have no clue why?

Really all I need is the simple remote (I by far enjoy using that the most and it has a great WAF) connected to a hub, preferably with an API where I can also get the keypresses read by home-assistant. Obviously one could make something themselves with a pi/arduino/whatever and some IR-blasters and bluetooth, but I’m constantly surprised that the middle ground between these two doesn’t seem to exist. Is this harder/more expensive than I think to build? I figured years ago when I bought this that every peripheral manufacturer would have had their own version of this by now.


I saw some leaked products for Broadlink. They have a remote coming out that works with their IR blasters. Not sure if it’ll work with HA out of the box, but I guess we will all have to wait and see.


thats interesting!

that was the beauty of Logitech, the remote was always in sync with the hub, so it knows what activity was running
thats the reason i dont want a broadlink, quite useless, if you also want a remote at hand


Yeah, I don’t know much about it, but thought I’d put it out there.


still have a link maybe?


You might need to translate it, but there looks like a few new products this year.


lets hope those “scene” buttons below on the remote are actually “activityes” :slight_smile:


Tested on 85.0 this morning, 206 on the remote, 210 dev firmware on the hub … Exception on post: Connection timeout to host http://x.x.x.x:8088/ I’ll do some more digging later on.


thats not good


Issue was on my side it appears, That being said, discover didnt work as I expected, had to hardcode the ip and name in HAS, any pointers in how to retrieve the full config ?


what do you mean “retrieve the full config”?

There’s nothing you have to do, you just put i the IP address of the hub and that’s it.


Should have replied, after a short period, ye old harmony file appeared, and sure enough all the activites we’re in there…