Logitech Harmony - slow response if I use Home Assistant

I’m running HA 68.1 and I noted that after some days my Logitech Harmony remote (connected with HA) became very slow.
I think that the HA polling to Harmony broke the Logitech software.
Did you have the same issue?

I’ve definitely noticed some slowness on my Harmony hub, but I had not considered the possibility of HASS contributing. I restarted my hub yesterday and saw great speed improvements. If I continue to see issues, maybe I will remove it from HASS to see if the two are related…

To be clear, the issues I am seeing are slowness from the harmony remote to the hub, not in actually using the HASS component.

there was a harmony hub firmware update. syncing and pulling the power of the hub completed the update for me

My Hub went stupid the other day, was taking minutes to send IR commands issued from the remote.

As @brady and @gbboy said, pulling the power got it going again. Went mad again later that day and so went for the recommended 15 or whatever seconds before plugging power back in and all has been fine for the last couple of days.

I don’t have any slowness on my harmon hub but I did with certain automations. I’ve since removed those automations and replaced them with other controls. Both work fast together now. What type of automation are you using for harmony in hass?

I haven’t automation.
I have two harmony in my two house and I have the same issues on both
Only automatic discover.
My Hub version is 4.15.96, app 5.4 build 47
I think that the continuos polling made by HA will block the Hub.

Take a look here chaps. I’ve been having trouble with it too.

Official Harmony Explaination - LINK NOW DEAD

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