Logitech Media Server Media browser in HA not show folder

I have successfully intergrate LMS in HA and TTS play without any problem.
And I’m also set music folder to Media so HA can play local music to my Googlehome.

But for LMS, when I enter media browser it will no show local files. This may because the intergration only control the player.

But the bad thing is it only show as below pic

In my goolehome it will show like below pic

From LMS server webpage I can select music from the folder. But seems HA didn’t bring that over.

Anyone can help? Thanks

This has probably not been inplmented in the LMS integration.
You could use an iframe to your LMS server and show this in HA as a workaround.

That’s a really gooood idea. How come I forgot it.
Thanks a lot