Logitech Pop and Emulated Hue

I have some Logitech Pop buttons I purchased before going all-in with Home Assistant. I would like to use them to control some Sonoff switches.

I can add the Sonoff switches to the Pop app successfully (using Emulated Hue), but whenever I try to use them I get errors that they’ve lost the connection with the hub.

Has anyone gotten this to work? I’d prefer to avoid IFTTT because of latency and the tendency for the lights’ on/off status to fall out of sync with each other.

I’m curious about this too. Did you ever figure out a good solution? And do you have a Harmony Hub?

I didn’t get it to work at the time and have been using IFTTT since. I never tried again, but it’d be great if something changed in the last few months. Did you try what I did and get the same errors?

I do have a harmony hub.

No, I was trying to decide if I wanted to buy some Pop buttons, but it sounds like I should just stick with the Amazon Dash buttons for now. So far, Dasher seems to be very consistent even though it was a bit of a pain to install and configure.

I was able to recently get this working so I thought I’d share my results.

Basically, I’m using emulated hue -> harmony home hub -> logitech pop. I was unable to add the emulated hue directly to the logitech pop app (it stops at the “press the button on your hue to continue” prompt and there doesn’t appear to be a mechanism to simulate an emulated hue button press via home assistant). However, I could add the emulated hue to the harmony home hub. It also prompts for a physical button press on the hue but it will accept the button as “pushed” after about ~30 seconds or so (not sure why, but it’s great that it works).

Once the emulated hue was picked up by the harmony hub, I could access my home assistant scripts from within the harmony hub app. This carried over to the logitech pop app after I connected the logitech pop app to the harmony hub.

It’s a little convoluted to go from home assistant --> emulated hue --> harmony home hub --> logitech pop, but it does work very well! Very little lag time and no need for IFTTT.

Hope this helps!

For those who might still be interested in getting emulated hue working with the logitech pop, I just thought I’d mention that I manage to get it working with a bit of extra code after leveraging what was found here (credit to them).


See here for changes to hue_api.py and __init__.py

Sorry for the noob question, but does this work without a harmony hub? Can I get the pop to communicate directly with my HA on raspberry pi 3? Thanks

Hi - yeah, this should work without a harmony hub.

Great. Any simple guide on how I can set it up?

I, too, would like some help here. I have Home Assistant setup with emulated_hue running. When I try to connect using the Logitech POP app (on android), I get the message saying “To pair your Phillips Hue, press the button in the centre of the Hub”. Obviously, I don’t have any button to press and nothing I do can get me past this screen. With ha-bridge, there was a pop-up on the web page to simulate a button press.

Can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.

Is your emulated_hue listening on port 80? When the ‘press button’ request comes up, mine just disappears a second later (as if a button was pressed). I’m on iOS, so I don’t know if any of this helps. This is what I have on my config:

listen_port: 80
- light
- switch

I changed the port to 80 (from 8300) and it seems to work great now with my Logitech Pop. It is strange why that that should make a difference.

Many thanks for your help.

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i order a Logitech Pop button (without the logitech pop hub). is it possible to pair this with the philipe hue hub (physical) ?
i use the HA on a VMWare ESXi Server - not on a raspi