LOGOELE smart switches

I have 2 LOGOELE smart plugs on my network. They connect fine to Tuya and Alexa also sees them. I shows up in HA but will not switch on or off when button pressed

No logs = no issue.

RGB Smart Plug 2 turned on by Simon Cator

5:32:55 PM - 31 seconds ago
This is what the log shows

If you can control your devices, but states or not being properly reported, there is chance you didn’t properly authorize the “Device Status Notification” API.

You can still check (and add) this now though. Go to you Tuya developer account, click on “Cloud → Development → your HA project” and check the service API. Make sure you have the Device Status Notification authorized.

Hi Francis thanks for your help.
I can control my wifi lights and receive states. The plugs however do not work at all

Then you probably have to wait for 2021.11

Yes, lets see what they bring out then.
Thank you Framcis