Logs FULL of Failed to parse message (b'08940a08f04800') on cluster 768, because Data is too short to contain 1 bytes

I think it might have started with the 2023.8.2 release, but I am not certain

Any thoughts on what this might be… the error seems to be happening a huge number of times.

Not sure the error above is actually causing any issues, but I discovered that by turning on ZHA debug logging, I was able to get the NWK of the device and cross check it against those listed in my HA install here:

That pinned down the error to a specific device that I had recently added to the network. Interesting tho, I had actually added three of the same device on the same day, but for some reason, only 1 seems to be throwing this error.

So I’ve power cycled the affected device but that doesn’t seem to have fixed anything. I might try swapping out the device for another to see what happens.

First try to remove it, and then pair again.

I’ve tried moving it, power cycling it, and re-pairing it.
Further analysis of the logs suggests its actually 2 of the bulbs doing most of the log spam.
I’ll let the debug logs run for a bit longer then try and make sense of it.

I think a final update to this thread.

Letting the logs run, then running some analysis over it, tells me that ALL my recently purchased tyua bulbs (of variant _TZ3210_mja6r5ix) are doing this.

Doesnt seem to be hurting anything, so I guess I’ll have to live with it.