London Fire

As a fireman I would like to share some automation scripts to maybe add to your HA…
-When smoke, fire or alarm system activates
Have it preform an all lights on
-Flash any outside lights seen from the streets(reading house numbers at 3am can be a bitch) the lights will attract the company much faster
-shut off any gas valves and water(unless you have sprinklers)
-turn off the HVAC, Fan and ceiling fans… they can add fuel to the fire as well as spred the smoke into the room you are protected in.
-if your house is crazy install auto door closes that would release upon activation some way


I often see automations in the community for fire alarms where people flash their inside lights as well. I personally do not think this would be a good idea.

But otherwise I like your tips.

I set up an automation for my smoke detector to activate most indoor and outdoor lights and shut down the HVAC and fans. Also planning on setting it up to automatically unlock the front door if it’s locked.

Shutting off gas valve is a good idea, but I’m curious as to why you would want to shut water valves off too?

I would think the water / electric danger would increase.