Long delay in automation actions. What happens if I manually intervene in the meantime?

I have the following automation actions. They are called by a zigbee button press trigger.

So basically it turns the electric heater on, and turns it off again after 30min.

What happens if in the meantime, I decide I want to keep the heater on for longer? What is the best practice method to cancel the automation? And also, how would I know if an automation action is still pending?

For example, a family member presses the button and starts this automation and then leaves. And 15min later, I decide I want the room to be held at some temperature for the next couple hours. I check the generic thermostat, and see it’s already on. “Perfect”, I think to myself. I expect it to keep the room at that temperature. How do I prevent the heating from (for me) unexpectedly and unknowingly turning off 15min later?

How do you guys deal with this kind of “problem”?
Maybe have a “automation running” status shown next to the thermostat card that shows if this automation is running?

I would modify the automation to use a timer instead of a delay. A timer’s activity can be displayed (i.e. show its remaining time) and a timer can be cancelled. When cancelled the automation would never execute the action that turns off heating.


In the future, post the automation’s YAML, not a screenshot of the automation.
Reference: FAQ guideline 11

I’ll have to read up a little about the use of timers. Have not used them before. I will brush up a bit and try it. Thanks for the advise!