Long delay of TTS notifications

I send daily and at fixed times TTS messages (notifications) to a Samsung tablet in our hall.
Usually it works as it should, but sometimes (several times a week) there is a long delay (sometimes several hours) before the message is played.
I see in the HA log that the message was triggered at the right time, but the message then gets stuck on the way to our tablet and is played much later.

The wireless network is working properly and the signal level is very good.
I’m beginning to think that the Samsung tablet is causing the problem, but I don’t understand why.
Does anyone here know what the problem might be or experience the same problem themselves?

I can’t speak to the tablet you’re using, but it is a solid bet it’s the cause of the issue.

Have you tried using the Browser Mod custom integration? It adds a media_player entity to your Home Assistant associated with the tablet. Playing the TTS to this new media_player might be more responsive and be a good workaround.

I didn’t mention it, but I use Browser Mod for Pop Up Cards.
And as I mentioned, it usually works fine, but sometimes there is a significant delay.
I also use the Screen Alive app to not activate any screensaver. But depending on which control panel the screen displays, I sometimes get kicked out and the tablet’s home screen appears instead.
Therefore, I am considering buying a Lenovo tablet instead.

Did you make sure to follow the critical notification format for Android to make sure the notification is delivered quickly,?


Thanks for the tip, I’ve added it to my code now and we’ll see how it works.