Long delays when reading history of sensor in Android app?

Hello. I have performed cumulative updates for last 7 months (because only ChatGPT was able to convert my 200 mqtt sensors from old format to new!), I also upgraded Android HA app.

Since then, I have problem with displaying sensor history in mobile app. Everytime I open sensor, it takes at least half minute until history is read and the Android OS thinks the application froze and asks me several times if I want to kill the app or wait.

Any solution to that?

Restart HA, then on the android clear the app cache and data and all that.

Some people have said this doesn’t resolve their problem, but it worked for me when my android got slow.

What I found was that, ultimately, I had outgrown my hardware. A restart of HA would speed it all back up again, but only for about a day.

I was using an HA Blue, not I’m running baremetal on a NUC. Works SO much better. Much faster.

Can’t use that, I have complex settings in Companion App. Is there any other way without wiping settings?

Thought I solved by updating the companion app to latest version. But no, the behavior is still problematic. The app freezes after displaying sensor history. I deleted home-assistant_v2.db but it did not help.

Old saying goes true again - update which fixes issues breaks something else.