Long lived token problems

Hi all,
I’ve Home Assistant running on a Pi4 and Nodered in a Docker container running only synology NAS.
Up until last night all was great until I inadvertently broke my NodeRed container whilst playing with the settings.js file resulting in the container failing to run. Many hours last night spent trying to repair it, but since I regularly save out my flows I decided to delete the entire container and image and start again so recovery is out the question now.
However, current problem is getting the new instance of NR to talk to Home Assistant.
Running latest version of HA and NR 12 Latest but cannot get NR to talk using the Long Live token:

Base URL
Access Token .....hbGciOiJIUzI1Ni.........
Legacy api unchecked
Accept Unauthorized SSL - unchecked

HA nodes all report Connecting

I’ve binned the LLT, added new ones, re-booted ect… but not getting the connection to work.

Help please