Long range Bluetooth adapter (BLE)

Can anyone recommend Bluetooth 4.0 or higher (BLE) USB adapter with really good range? With external antenna probably?
I’m using cheap BT dongle based on CSR8510 and internal antenna is really bad, just 5m range within house. Not working even through thin wall with xiaomi BLE sensor…

Did you find a suitable BT adapter? I’m in the same situation as you, with Xiaomi BLE sensor only working in the same room, tempted to get the AirCable XR5 extender but would be keen to hear if you found a (maybe cheaper) alternative.

No. I think I’ll try to buy some cheap with external wifi antenna (same band) or just modify mine for antenna.

Same here…any recommendation?

Gave up completely on bluetooth and went the esp8266 route building my own sensor nodes running esphomeyaml and pushing to mqtt over wifi.