Long term aggregated historical data

I wonder if there is a possibility to store Long term aggregated historical data in Home Assistant or need to import to other system (MRTG/PRTG) ?

Just came here to ask similar question. I need to monitor some (quite lot) stuff in some <=1 minute interval, and I’d like to store it for longer time. However, the longer the time, the less accuracy I need, as usual. Aggregation would be one solution - so I’ll follow that question up. Another potential solution could be storing only relevant changes. Say, a thermometer that is always at 20-21 degrees Celcius. But drops or raises 10 degrees occasionally, daily or weekly, but only for few minutes. It’d be good enough to store only if the delta was say >5 degrees either from normal or last stored value. Anyway, saving db is the question. Any thoughts?

Have you guys already had a look a a database component such as influxDB, in combination with Grafana?