Longer dims with Lutron Caseta Switches

I have Lutron Caseta switches throughout my home, and I’m migrating several of my current Alexa-routines to HA automations. However, I am running into issues with dimming. From what I can tell, it looks like the transition property is largely for short term dimming. That is, it doesn’t seem to support dimming longer than 5 seconds.

I suspect that this is a limitation of the switches themselves, but I can’t find any official documentation from Lutron about this. What are the limitations around the transition property?

I have many Lutron Caseta devices including a few dimmers. I use transition in many automations and it works properly. Do you have the pro or the regular Caseta hub? Which integration are you using (the built in or the third-part made by the user upsert)?

I just tested my PD-10NXD dimmer with the following command in the services tab of the developer console and it worked.

service: light.turn_on
  entity_id: light.kitchen_can_lights
  transition: 30
  brightness_pct: 100

To answer your question, I do not believe there are any limitations on the transition data field. Except the services tab in the developer options limits it to 300 seconds.

I do have the regular Caseta hub. I was using the transition property through both AppDaemon and YAML configurations for normal automations. Would not using the Pro hub limit this?

Take a look at the light in the developer area > states. Each light has a value for the attribute “supported_features:”. You convert the decimal value to binary and a 1 indicates the light supports that option. For example, my Lutron dimmers have a value of 33 = 32 + 1 which means the light supports transition (32) and brightness (1). According to those developer documents, there is no limitation.

I’m not familiar with the regular hub and I’m assuming you’re using the built in integration because the third-party integration is for the pro hub only. It’s sounding like maybe the regular hub is either ignoring transitions or doesn’t support it properly? That’s my best educated guess.