Longer history in History graph card?

Hi all!
I’m using the "history graph card to show temperature, humidity etc. I’ve chosen to display last 24h and last month. Now when I want to display history for the entire year I realize that the graph only shows 10 day back (240h) even though I have “hours_to_show: 720”. Is this maximum for this card and if it is, how can I display last month and last year?

type: history-graph
  - entity: sensor.temperature_vardagsrummet
  - entity: sensor.temperature_18_forradet
  - entity: sensor.tvattstugan_temp
  - entity: sensor.temperature_15_garaget
  - entity: sensor.temperature_21_badrummet
  - entity: sensor.temperature_vinden
  - entity: sensor.temperature_41_utomhusj
  - entity: sensor.temperature_41_utomhus
hours_to_show: 720
title: Temperatur de senaste månaden
refresh_interval: 10

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You would have to configure the recorder to store 365 days worth of data in your database. The default is 10 days.

I would strongly advise you not to do this. Use InfluxDB for long tern storage and Grafana for display of this data.

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Thank you for that answer! I will look in to it!