Looking at Blink cameras

I’m looking into some camera options and Blink looks interesting. Does anybody here have it and can answer some questions?

Is it friendly with hass.io?
When the system or camera is disarmed does it stop updating? We’re looking for something we can have shut off easily when we are home.
Does the temp sensor work when disarmed?

Thank you for taking the time to help.

Have them, work well but haven’t tested with Hassio.
When they are disarmed, you won’t get any false alerts.
Did have automation to arm them when left the home, but only as good as my presence detection, which is not that reliable. Now I just toggle on the alarm manually, or use the Blinnk iOS app, which is basic but OK.
Temp sensor works when disarmed I believe (I take an average of 5 sensors in the house)

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. I have a couple more if you don’t mind. Does the Home Assistant camera image update when the device is disarmed, or only when armed and triggered? If its not armed, what shows up in the image place, just the last image taken?

It shows a still image from the last captured video.
New images will only be captured when it is armed, but it will always display the last image.
Tbh I have almost never looked at the HA page I have below, the Blink app is pretty good.
Hass mostly useful for triggering to arm the camera via presence detection. However can also arm via the Blink app

Awesome, thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it.

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I have 3 and can say they do work with hassio. They do report temperature when disarmed. By design they don’t update the image unless they are armed. I arm when my Envisalink is armed Away. Works well.

I’m also interested in using the blink camera.
Can you use them without the Sync Module and directly integrade them into HA/hassio?
I don’t want do add another device gateway to my home, already got the Mi Gateway and Ikea Tradfri in my home.


I had an email conversation with the customer support from blink and they answered that the sync module is definitly required. Seems that I have to take a look at other ip cameras :confused:

I just checked out their website and these look great (at least in theory), specifically the fact that they are battery operated - saves me from the hassle of getting power to my front door…
Does anyone have experience with battery life of these? Website claims two years. Is it true? Or at least close?

Battery is good. I don’t use them a lot. They only activate when I am away from home. So far I’m going on 5 months and battery says “OK” not the most useful data but still good. I have 2 mounted in semi permanent locations and one I use as a float. If I want to check in on something specific while away they are very easy cameras to move around.

1 year and battery ok

Just to add to what’s already been stated, one major issue I have with Blink is that it requires a connection to their servers to operate (i.e. no local-only control). In addition, the Blink platform for home-assistant (which I wrote) has some limitations that you might want to consider if HASS integration is one of the “pros” for you.

  • Currently cannot extract video
  • The most recent image is only updated from the server after 90 seconds (i.e. it’s not instant)
  • Only supports one sync module (probably not an issue for most people, but it’s a limitation)
  • Blink API is undocumented so the HASS module could stop working at any time without warning

The Blink app itself works well enough, though. Just figured I’d lay out the problems I have with my implementation of the Blink component, for what it’s worth.


Thank you so much for stopping by to share your knowledge. I really appreciate it!

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Have the Blink XT on order. I’m adding a feature request for live video feed, go and vote! :slight_smile:

Hey Fronzbot,
I’m trying to get iOS to send me a notice including a new pic from my Blink cams. It needs a URL of the image (since it isn’t stored locally). Is there a way to get a URL for my images? I assume it would need my Blink user/pw or some unique key.
There must be a way, but I’m having trouble finding it.
Any idea?

You need to send a server request to Blink to grab that. I assume you want to do this outside of Home Assistant? You can just use the python module I wrote which you can find here. If you don’t want to use python, you can look through the code to see how the requests are formatted (and there’s also a link in the README to the curl commands you can use). Hope that helps

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I just got these cameras and would love to implement this module. Can it be used on hass.io? I only see installation through pip3 which we don’t have access to on Hass.io.

Thanks for writing the platform for this. Appreciate it.

Just wondering about the notification count. My count doesnt seem to increase at all which means I can’t use at the moment as a motion sensor for lights.

Any advice appreciated.

Hello, I’m deciding which cameras to add to my system. I’d like to trigger events based on motion + door sensors (e.g. if there was movement behind the door before it opens, means very likely I’m leaving home; if not, I’m arriving). Also, every time the door opens I take a few snapshots or even a short video clip and save them for some time, in case something strange (like door is open for more than 1min) happens. Is this doable with Blink cameras? I read the movement trigger is not immediately reported to HA?

If not, would you recommend any other setup? So far I’m using plain Dlink IP cameras, but the PIR sensors can’t be reported to HA, so I might select a different brand… I don’t mind having to power them as this is a new flat where I can run power wherever I need.

thanks for the info on this thread, really useful.

Hello - is it possible to send a still image from blink as part of a notification?

If you download the code on either @fronzbot post above or from the original author site that @fronzbot mentioned from his site, you would see the curl command line to retrieve image.

I however can’t get passed the step where we need to get the network ID. I could login fine. Meaning it returns the Auth token. But when using this auth token that it returns to go to next step, I keep getting Unauthorized access. I emailed Blink and cross my fingers.