Looking at Home Assistant, what's possible with Wyze Cams?

Since IFTTT is going to a subscription model, I am looking at moving to Home Assistant and I was just wondering what is currently possible with Wyze cams. I currently have IFTTT applets set up to enable/disable motion detection on several cameras throughout the house based on location triggers from Life360. Is this at all possible with Home Assistant? Thanks!

With wyze cams by themselves, there is no motion detection in home assistant. This is because the only thing you can link home assistant up to in relation to the wyze cams is the RTSP stream.

If you set up a raspberry pi with motioneyeos and add those cameras as RTSP streams, motioneyeos can detect and run a script off of motion, but personally I have never done that, I just know it is possible

Honestly you can’t do much (other than what was already pointed out with just getting an RTSP stream). From my experience the RTSP stream was flakey and not good enough to rely on at all.

As above but you can run third party apps with the rtsp firmware, Blue Iris is some peoples favourite, motion eye which then links into HA,

I just run it in HA to view and use the wyze app for notifications, and at present the rtsp streams are great and keeps getting faster with every HA upgrade, only a split second delay on my mini pc running six cams but it is a i7…i know overkill but it makes my HA super slick.

Thanks for the replies, looks like I’m stuck with IFTTT for the time being, hopefully Wyze will someday roll out Home Assistant or Homekit integration…though I’m not holding my breath.