Looking for a battery powered "Rolladengurtmotor" / Window shutter motor for driving the belt

Hi there,

actually signed up to get help on some other problem, but could solve that myself eventually :slight_smile:

So… now coming to extending my Smart Home! :upside_down_face:

I have already 4 Window shutters automated with via Homematic Integration and I will add a fifth one soon (it has a motor already, so it is just about adding the actuator).

For two of my window blinds/shutters, I have no electricity nearby and the next intensive renovation might only happen in a few years. Right now the belt/band for the shutters is operated by hand and I was looking into motors that drive the band (instead of the axis directly, like most motors would do).

However I am struggling a little to find one that satisfies these requriemenst

  • Battery driven - I have no electricity nearby

  • Can be integrated into Home Assistant without buying an additional gateay, but can use Zigbee or Wifi

  • Optional: is at least a little Modern (i.e. not older than 5 years) and doesn’t look like an ancient relict from the 90ies. The other two requirements are far more relevant, but we all know Home Automation acceptance requires a decent WAF.

I found out that Somfy and or Bosch seem to have offered such things. If you search for Bosch K8 / K10 / K12, or Somfy K10 (not sure if Somfy is a Bosch sub-brand?) you’ll find millions of sellers on Ebay and Amazon that offer replacement battery packs, but I have not yet found anyone selling the hardware?

I have found used Bosch hardware on ebay, but I’d first try to see all options, before going into buying used equipment.

Any recommendations?
Optimally the vendor should be European and ship to Germany.

Your help is very much appreciated, thank you!