Looking for a camera with privacy mode


Hope you’re all doing well.
I’m looking for cameras for my house (indoor and outdoor) and i need advices.
I need an indoor camera with RTPS feature for my frigate and with a privacy mode (it turns the camera lens down), but i need to do it locally and not via a cloud-based app.
To explain a little bit, my main goal is to disconnect all my IOT devices from internet/cloud and process all on LAN (same for tuya devices)
I’m currently using the imou ranger 2C and the disadvantage of it is that to enable the privacy mode you have to do it via the imou app. I found the an HA integration tha allows to manage the camera but the camera still need to access to internet.
I am using frigate but unfortunately, the is no way on Frigate enable the privacy mode (using imou cameras) so I was wondering if you guys have an idea of camera processing anything on LAN.?
And it can be flashing a camera with an opensource firmware as long as i can have the RTPS and the local enabled confidetial mode
Thanks and have a great day

what is your idea of Privacy Mode?

only guarantee Privacy is if you control power source of Camera
if WiFi camera maybe you should just put power supply on smart switch
if POE camera get ethernet switch that allow control of individual ports

you idea of removing LAN access will work well. My camera cannot connect OUT to network but device (HA) can connect IN. Camera may respond to requests IN. This is vlan rule I create.

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I will take a look. it’s WiFi cameras and I was thinking about it (controlling the power source with smartswitch), but it’s just that for one camera it’s fine, but if you have like 20, it becomes complicated to manage. I will try to look at ethernet cameras using POE. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for cameras?
At the moment, I’m doing something similar. I simply block the outgoing traffic from my cameras to the internet via my pfSense (which is my default gateway), but if I could physically prevent the camera from recording (without turning it off), it would be better. If that doesn’t exist, it’s okay, I’ll keep what I’m currently doing and maybe add some smart switches

Amcrest (Dahua) if using POE, not WiFi. Reolink is OK but I think night recording and shadows aren’t great compared to Amcrest

I use wansview in past for WiFi but I really have no recommendation here.

No. Indoor privacy you MUST turn OFF power. WAN block and “I don’t want camera recording me naked” are two different issues.

If POE is possible I wouldn’t Even consider WiFi. Ultimately the power supply is a pain to deal with. They fail and look bad. I guess you can do esp cameras and custom enclosure that fits over wall socket. This could take care of camera and ability to power ON/OFF but this is software control on device so not the best. I would prefer power and camera be separate from security standpoint.

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Hi Augustin, I might not get your question well; what about not adding a GW address to the camera settings or the wrong one if you have to supply one?

Hello. Sorry English is not my main language so maybe i’m not explaining well. The thing i was trying to say is that currentely i prevent my camera to connect to the cloud through my gateway (i have a rule to block all traffic coming from the camera IP and trying to reach external address)

Yeah I think I will rather use this solution. One of the reasons for which i choosed Imou WiFi cameras is that they are inexpensive, costing around €30 for 2K resolution or around €20 for 1080P.

I would go with ESPCam because open source software, cheap and greater flexibility of function. Completely customizable to your needs as well. You can DIY or buy premade.

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These amcrest cameras have a built in privacy mode where they point the camera into the base of the unit.

The Amcrest integration has support for toggling this mode - Amcrest - Home Assistant

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